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Amazon RPA Consultant

Sales Execs, Directors, and Business Owners hire me for solutions to elevate and transform internal systems within the ecosystem. Clients have included large companies such as Honey-Can-Do, GE Lighting, Leviton, Coleman Cable, Outdoor Product Innovations, Southwire, Arlington Industries, DiversiTech, Biddeford Blankets, Microlife USA, and more firms, data vendors, and start-ups.

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Foundational Sales Growth

Stage 1

Amazon Virtuous Cycle has two main focal points that are easy to ignore. Optimizing your product selection remains to be the #1 focus for long-term growth.

If you have not listed 100% of the SKUs that your company produces, you are limiting your own sales in ways you may not understand.

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The Perfect Customer Experience

Stage 2

Stage #2 of the Amazon Virutous Cycle is about continually optimizing the Customer Experience.

Setting expectations accurately, and educating customers at their level of knowledge.

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Expert Consulting

PO & Chargeback Appeasment

The #1 problem (believe it or not) is having a team that understands the workflow from:

  • Purchase Order receipt & accurate confirmation
  • Creation the shipment and sending an Accurate ASN for each shipment
  • creating Invoices for every unit shipped

Your goal should be to ship as much inventory as possible at with as high of margin as possible. We help companies get more POs and Accept more POs.

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Invoice Reconciliation

If you have much experience with Amazon, then you know that getting paid is sometimes a larger problem than figuring out how to grow sales. We help you claw back more money through continued invoice and chargeback disputes.

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Blair Anderson
President / Founder

My colleagues and I have decades of consulting experience solving growth problems involving Amazon. We fix Chargebacks, PO problems, Invoice Shortages, and Optimize Content for optimal Search Engine discoverability.

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