What I’m doing right now1

Updated: April 11th, 2022



  • Amazon Consulting: I am actively growing my Amazon Consulting Agency and feeling incredibly lucky to be in the Internet/Commerce space.
  • Brand Building: We have started to build brands and we buy brands. Reach out if you want to Sell us Your FBA Business
  • Amazon 3P Wholesale Partners: Sometimes a mature brand wants to create space between themselves and Amazon. We can buy/hold/warehouse your inventory to create their airgap. As well provide all the same brand-protection/building strategies. Reach out if you want an Amazon Wholesale Partner

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  1. This is a now page, to tell you what is happening in my life right now… 

Blair Anderson
President / Founder

My colleagues and I have decades of consulting experience solving growth problems involving Amazon. We fix Chargebacks, PO problems, Invoice Shortages, and Optimize Content for optimal Search Engine discoverability.

Lets talk about your goals.

Please send me a note. I look forward to exploring the opportunity to help grow your Amazon Sales.