The second phase of the Amazon Virtuous Cycle is about the customer experience.

How exactly does your product bring back customers time and time again?

How exactly do your customers share your brand story with their friends and family, to create generate buzz for your product?

All improvements to the experience increase your probability for a positive customer experience. A positive customer experience will create more repeat customers, which means you're more likely to improve sales over time.

What can you do to increase the customer experience? We look at every product page with a fresh set of eyes and continuously ask ourselves about expectations that are being set as we shop online.

  • Are there enough pictures?
  • Is it easy to tell how big/small/round/blue the product is?
  • Is there an enhanced video to teach how to use?
  • Do we include setup documentation so they can more easily understand how the product works?
  • Do we include a simple video slideshow showing the product?
  • Etc. Etc. Etc.

You must step out of your sales role and into the marketing role to re-educate about each feature and why customers should care.

The educated customers are simply looking for features that check boxes in their brains, the newer customers are literally learning that those features exist for the very first time. You want to be educational and succinct as possible.

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