Things I Believe:

  • optimism wins
  • creativity wins
  • Optimism + Creativity = Luck
  • Small teams make quick decisions and win
  • Large teams develop arterial plaque and suffocate
  • You get paid by making products that people love
  • Coldcalling is the best/fastest/cheapest way to get the answer
  • Often, when building software it's best to ask for forgiveness instead of permission

My mission:

To help people & brands grow at the intersection of Technology and Commerce

I first became an entrepreneur in middle school as my friends would give me a "playlist" to burn onto a CD. My pricing was simple $1.00/song which let people give me a playlist of any size and I would do my best to find all the songs. Being one of the first with a CD burner meant that I had a monopoly on the market!

My first taste of programming came early in highschool when I used Excel functions to do math against multiple columns to make reports and charts. It didn't even feel like programming but it certainly felt like a special power.

After graduating from college I immediately went to work for my dad as a traditional Manufacturers Representative. This job is the intersection of _Distribution_ & _Service_. It gives unique insight to the question:

"How does stuff get on the store shelf?"

Most people don't know how things get on store shelves, and its quite the mixture of game-theory and salesman-ship.You need to be professional, you need to answer questions as quickly as they get asked, you need to know the business better than everyone else, but be incredibly humble in the fact that everyone worth their salt knows the business inside-and-out.

Roughly 1-year after joining the business (around 2009) I started to think outside the box and push our agency towards digital channels (specifically Amazon).

Why Did I Love Selling on Amazon?
  • I loved that we could sell 100% of our catalog, as most stores will strictly limit your shelf-space.
  • I loved that I could directly impact the bottom line and increase sales by updating images and SEO title optimization without any gatekeepers or bureaucratic processes.

My technical background mixed with the internet-marketing background is the perfect mixture for long-term growth in this sector. The internet lives for a long time, and we found that much of our work would be to get the pages up, and Google/Amazon would bring customers.

The Amazon virtuous-cycle pretty clearly slices the supplier's responsibilities into two categories:
  • Increasing selection through expanding the catalog and offer mix
  • Increasing the customer experience through better content

By 2012 our business became majority Amazon, and I blew my dad away with our growth numbers.

What can I do for you?

  • Full-Service account management for your Amazon account
    • SEO optimizations
    • reporting
    • chargebacks
    • logistical optimizatons
  • VendorCentral / SellerCentral account Audits
  • Custom software for Amazon Sellers
  • Custom dashboards for Amazon Vendors
Blair Anderson
President / Founder

My colleagues and I have decades of consulting experience solving growth problems involving Amazon. We fix Chargebacks, PO problems, Invoice Shortages, and Optimize Content for optimal Search Engine discoverability.

Lets talk about your goals.

Please send me a note. I look forward to exploring the opportunity to help grow your Amazon Sales.